Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Did the earth move for you??

Wow! We had an earthquake!! And just in case you haven't heard or seen any news about it, you can read more at

The wife and I had only been in bed for about 15-20 minutes last night, and were just dropping off, when we were rudely awakened just before 1 am by a strange noise... it sounded like a huge gust of wind, followed immediately by what sounded like something sliding down the roof of the house.

(My immediate reaction was that a roosting pigeon must have been been blown off its perch, and slid down the tiles.)

Anyway, I jokingly said to Chris "Don't worry, it was probably just another earthquake." (We'd had reports of a very minor local earth tremor a week or so ago...) So I was VERY surprised when I turned on the radio this morning and heard on the news that it actually WAS an earthquake!

And before you ask - I've checked the roof, and there's no sign of any damage caused by falling pigeons.

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Catching up with life!

SIGH... now I know I'm getting old! I've just realised that I haven't updated this page since last August - and that's not because there's been nothing happening to report, quite the opposite... I've been so busy dealing with all the s**t that's been hitting the fan, I haven't had any time to write about it!

So - what's been going on over the last 4-and-a-bit months? Well, I've had another birthday (although I've now had so many I try to forget them!), another wedding anniversary (very scary - it's 30 years now... equivalent to 2 life sentences - you get less for murder...), Number One Son has announced he's going to be a Daddy (so that'll be our third grandchild), Number Two Son has been on crutches, and in and out of hospital with a damaged anterior cruciate ligament (because he was the victim of a vicious tackle during a game of football), and Number Three Son has moved (again), this time to Lancashire.

Plus we've had continuing fun & games with "The Elderly Mother" - various falls, hospital visits etc... and add all the hassle of Christmas (personal and business)... so you can possibly understand why I've hardly had time to draw breath!

Still - it's a New Year and a new start, so maybe things will be a little easier in 2008... and I hope they are for you too!