Friday, 13 March 2009

Oh dear... I really have been very remiss... I've just realised that I haven't updated this page for over a year - oops!!

OK, here we go... the Incense Man clan continues to grow - we now have two grand-daughters (Bethany and Courtney), one grand-son (Lewis), another grand-son (probably to be called Lennon) due very soon, and yet another grand-child (as yet un-sexed and un-named) due in the autumn!!
You can see a few photos of the tribe on our Picasa page,

Other family news - The Elderly Mother has now had to leave her house, and is happily living in a residential care home... so hopefully no more phone calls for us in the middle of the night from neighbours, ambulance crews etc!

On the home front - our prospective move to the West Country has been put on hold, because of the current state of the property market... so I'm concentrating on improvements to our present house - little jobs like replacing our ageing central heating boiler, re-decorating, replacing various carpets, re-turfing the front garden, building a new garden shed (and re-roofing the old one), and generally getting rid of all the garden rubbish that's accumulated over the years. (There's a skip sitting on the end of the drive at the moment, almost full of god-only-knows-what!)

Ah well, that's QUITE enough for now... and I promise I'll try to post updates more regularly from now on!